In Moscow, the collection of kitchen furniture Karma was ceremoniously presented - a joint project of designer Karim Rashid and the Russian factory "Maria."

American designer of Egyptian-British origin, Karim Rashid considers himself a citizen of the world. The maestro studied industrial design in Canada and Italy. He started his career and interned in Milan. Karim Rashid's studio is based in New York, and the master's works have been recognized with numerous prestigious international awards.

A year ago, the kitchen factory "Maria" caused a stir by announcing a collaboration with the world-renowned design star Rashid Karim. And now, in April 2017, the project is presented to the public. The Karma kitchen collection is the first outcome of this stellar partnership. The name emerged from the combination of the names of its "parents": Karim + Maria. The extraordinary appearance of the "child" inherited from the designer himself, and the virtuoso execution – from the number one kitchen furniture manufacturer in Russia.

ELLE DECORATION: Was the collaboration offer from a Russian company unexpected for you?

Karim Rashid: When representatives of "Maria" approached me, I was, to put it mildly, astonished. I've been coming to Russia for about fourteen years, perhaps for the twenty-fifth time already. I've worked on various projects here, but our paths had never crossed with the "Maria" factory before. It turned out to be a very large and powerful company, whose name is known to every Russian not only in Russia but even in New York. So, I decided that it was a very flattering offer and a great honor to participate in the project.

– What was the task, and what was the main difficulty of the project?

– I wanted to create something original and unusual, and I succeeded. The development of a kitchen project involves many technical constraints, such as those related to built-in appliances. The development of forms and proportions and their interaction was the main challenge.

– Where did you start?

– Starting the project, I was very inspired. I proposed fifteen options, drawing inspiration from existing "Maria" models. During discussions, we eliminated unnecessary elements and added what was essential. In the end, only three options remained.

– How did your relationship with the client develop?

– Working with the "Maria" team was easy and seamless. We found common ground even in solving complex technical issues. We first met at the Eurocucina exhibition in Milan, but the project officially started only in August 2016. And now, just eight months later, we are presenting three outstanding models. Believe me, that's very fast. I must admit, I feel a pleasant sense of fatigue.

– How did the work progress?

– Attention was focused on two directions. The first one was to take an existing lineup as a foundation, infuse it with new energy, and give it a contemporary look. It was important to maintain the product's democratic price and accessibility. This is how the Karma model came to be. The second direction was to create something more fantastical, closer to the realm of art. This resulted in the futuristic Klutch and Volna models.

– What was the most interesting aspect of this project?

– I'm happy to engage in something I'm deeply passionate and interested in. When taking on a new project, I do it not just for work but for the pleasure it brings. The greatest joy for me is creating things that can change the world. I believe that authentic design has an impact on a person's life, inspiring them and awakening their best qualities.

– Do you have plans to continue collaborating with the "Maria" factory?

– We have an idea to create a series of designer kitchens for small spaces, the range of which will allow fitting a masterpiece of modern design into the interior of a small kitchen. www.marya.ru

The futuristic forms of the Klutch model are inspired by the image of a women's handbag. Here, everything necessary fits seamlessly as well. Behind the glossy facades hides a complete set of built-in household appliances from Asko and Liebherr. Shelves open automatically with a touch of the touch panel. The kitchen island with an extended countertop resembles a winged time machine.

Wavy inserts of colored glass on the matte facades of the Karma kitchen reflect the maestro's signature style. Five color options - black panels with pink, white, or black glass, and white panels with blue or yellow. The bright feature of the novelty is the LED backlight of the countertop with several lighting scenarios and glowing panels on the back walls of the sections.

«The greatest pleasure for me is to create things that change the world.»

The facades and countertops of the artistic Volna kitchen are made of white Corian. The undulating projection of the island is covered in stainless steel, polished to a mirror-like shine. The reflected light dramatically transforms the space. In the tall side part of the 'wave,' a built-in refrigerator is concealed. Voluminous wall sections without legs seem to hover in the air.

Source: Elle Decoration

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