«Maria» is the largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture in Russia

«Maria» produces kitchen furniture using the most advanced Italian and German equipment with reliable, high quality and ecologically friendly materials by the largest world suppliers. The factory is located in Russia and it is able to produce 100 000 kitchens per month. Studios and workshops that sell «Maria» kitchens are operating in all of the large cities of Russia.

Stages of our journey
«Maria» has produced more than 360 000 kitchens since 1999
We create kitchens that bring joy
Yefim Katz, chairman of the board of directors of the company «Maria»

We have been creating kitchens already for 18 years. The team of «Maria» consists of almost 5000 employees. And for every one of us, work in «Maria» is more than just work. It is our passion and our life.

The factory produces 200 kitchens a day. Almost 500 studios work in Russia and other countries. «Maria» is known and loved in 160 cities of Russia and abroad.

Advanced technologies, trendy design, a modern office, functional mechanisms and appliances by the top manufacturers of the world — that is what our quality is based on.

But the main ingredient is care and love for our customers. And we are happy that people return it to us. Seven out of ten Russians know our brand. Such trust is priceless for us.

Classical or modern styles, apartments, houses or offices: we know that we can the right kitchen for you in our collection. A kitchen that can create an atmosphere of your home following your rules. A kitchen that brings joy.

What stands behind every kitchen?
Watch a video about our factory
The factory produces 200 kitchens every day. The production area of «Maria» — 92 500 sq. m.
There are 500 our studios that successfully work in Russia and other countries. «Maria» is known and loved in 160 cities of Russia and abroad.
A profitable turnkey business solution with attention to every detail

In 2015 and 2018 «Maria» was listed in two prestigious franchise ratings of Russia — TOP-25 by the Forbes magazine and TOP-100 by an independent portal BeBoss.ru.

Both ratings were created by specialists, and based on the payback level, average income of a single shop, geography and many other parameters.

Advantages of the factory
  1. Innovative

    «Maria» is equipped with advanced European equipment that has almost no analogs in Russia. We always continue to develop and implement the newest technologies first.

  2. European materials,
    mechanisms and appliances

    «Maria» uses high-quality materials and mechanisms by the largest producers of the world (Egger, Hettich) and adds appliances by the most famous brands to our kitchens.

  3. Great prices,
    guaranteed quality

    We offer kitchens with European quality with no extra expenses. Great prices are ensured by the lack of customs payments and low costs of delivery. The warranty for «Maria» kitchens is 10 years!

  4. First class

    «Maria» offers the best service in the studios and online, providing such free services, as free measurement and an individual project of the kitchen, careful delivery and professional assembly, high quality post-warranty service.

  5. Exclusive

    The model range is updated according to the latest trends of the world kitchen fashion. The factory works with the best designers of the world. In 2014-2015 an Italian design bureau Adriani e Rossi became our partner and in 2016 — the famous industrial designer and architect Karim Rashid.

Our brands

«Maria» develops several special projects, the goal of which is development of talents.

In 2 years we realized the dreams of more than 500 children from different cities of Russia.


Media about us

For cooperation with the furniture factory «Maria» contact our central informational service 8 800 100 31 31 (a call is free in Russia). We will be happy to help you!

Our geography

Furniture factory «Maria» is a great example of a dynamically developing company.

The network of brand shops includes 500 workshops «Edim Doma!», kitchen studios «MIA kitchens» and «Maria» in 165 cities of Russia – Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Saratov, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Tula, Rostov-on-Don, Voronezh, Orenburg, Volgograd, Samara, Ulan-Ude and others. «Maria» kitchens can also be purchased in the CIS countries. A wide model range is represented in Kazakhstan and Belarus.

No matter what studio or workshop you choose, you can always count on the top service, best quality and original design of «Maria» kitchens. All of the shops exhibit the whole variety of kitchen samples and qualified designers are always ready to create a unique design project and choose a kitchen that perfectly matches your preferences and taste.

After visiting a kitchen studio «Maria» you can choose the right kitchen together with a highly qualified designer, that perfectly matches your preferences and create a unique design project of your future kitchen or bathroom furniture.

The central office

Adress: 410076 Russia, Saratov,
Ordzhonikidze, 24

Telephone: (8452) 96-44-44

Email: info@marya.ru

Moscow office

Adress:115280, Moscow, st. Leninsky Sloboda, d.26, BC Omega-2, bldg. A, 4th floor, Maria Company.

Email: msk@marya.ru