• Crisis Measures: what's happening with Russian furniture design right now

Crisis Measures: what's happening with Russian furniture design right now

It's hard not to notice how sanctions are already affecting all aspects of life. This is especially evident for those in the midst of renovating and furnishing their kitchens. That's why we decided to have an honest conversation with a representative from the company "Maria" about the current state and future prospects of kitchen production in Russia

The New Model «Maria» — Kitchen Teramo

For us, the kitchen is almost a sacred place: gathering "with our own" specifically in the kitchen, rather than in the dining room or living room, is a tradition not only dictated by the layouts of old houses but also by a special atmosphere. There are no random people here; here, one can freely discuss everything important while engaging in culinary experiments. This seemingly forgotten significance of the kitchen is relevant again. However, before addressing the myriad of other questions, the issue of the kitchen itself needs to be resolved: where to get it now? Are there brands in Russia that can guarantee both quality and timely delivery, as well as an individual approach?

Kitchen Vector Touch — one of the proofs of how attentively the company 'Maria' keeps track not only of trends but also of new technologies

Of course, there is. For instance, the brand 'Maria,' which, over the course of its existence, has proven its ability to compete with the best Western manufacturers and keenly sense trends. Collaborations with leading designers from Harry Nureyev to Karim Rashid, a well-established network of selected suppliers of hardware and materials, individualized approach, and a commitment to realizing clients' boldest ideas—all of this has positioned 'Maria' kitchens as one of the top choices in the mid-range and premium segments.

Project #MyKitchen by designer Harry Nuriev in the showroom of the company «Maria»

We decided to have a conversation with the Commercial Director of the company 'Maria,' Lilia Katz, and asked her to honestly share her thoughts on the most pressing issues: how the new realities will affect us—both customers and manufacturers? How to navigate in conditions of isolation when design, like art, knows no boundaries? What will happen to collaboration with Western manufacturers? Can we overcome another crisis?

Design is global: it's challenging right now, but we will overcome

Volna Kitchen made of artificial stone, designed by Karim Rashid for the company «Maria»

When new materials emerge, the world experiences a breakthrough in design. Let's recall how much innovation we've witnessed with the advent of artificial stone. Karim Rashid, with whom our factory collaborated several years ago, created numerous masterpieces from it for various brands. Our concept kitchen, Volna, designed by Karim, was entirely made from artificial stone.

The Antro model in the new «weathered oak» finish»

If we talk specifically about the design of kitchen furniture, it follows interior fashion trends. Earlier, hi-tech dominated the scene, and our showrooms were filled with glossy, vibrant kitchens. Then, with the rise of Scandinavian and Japanese styles, kitchens started to look more restrained, with simpler shapes and a calmer color palette.

Sanctions have certainly had a significant impact on our work. However, I don't think they can push the entire furniture industry of Russia far behind. Manufacturers have stepped out of their comfort zone, but let's hope that a second wind will open up soon.

The new model Integrato, «Marya»

We never stop evolving, constantly exploring new technologies and materials, and updating our collections. For example, we recently introduced more than 30 decors of quartz agglomerate to our assortment. We've added two new models to our kitchen lineup – the minimalist Integrato with a unique profile handle and the trendy Teramo with 'striped' milling and tall facades with opening systems that allow for kitchen transformation. We've expanded the collection of veneer for the loft-style bestseller Antro – among the new facades, there are exclusive options available for order only to interior designers. Today, we collaborate with 5000 specialists across Russia, offering them not only the broadest possibilities for realizing any design projects but also a lucrative bonus program and personalized VIP service.

Materials: only the best, and no compromises will be made

Thanks to the use of high-quality hardware, the company 'Maria' can create complex projects such as the transformative kitchen Mix 22

Our furniture is made from imported materials and components — we collaborate with global leaders in the industry. The majority of our suppliers have their own production facilities within Russia and continue their business relationship with us. For the products we source from Europe, we have efficiently developed new logistics routes. At the moment, the factory maintains a sufficient stock of all materials. Stone veneer, solid wood, plastics, edges, enamel, artificial stone and quartz, hardware, and mechanisms — we have everything for the realization of design projects of any complexity, including premium-class.

The Novelle kitchen, MIA. The frame is made from materials provided by Egger.

We have always closely monitored all the changes in this market. Recently, we have become more active in experimenting with new materials. Currently, dozens of samples from new suppliers are being tested at the factory. Some of them have already been introduced into our product range. We will use them to update models in our budget line of MIA kitchens.

The standard global practice is to separate production. There are powerful companies for each furniture component and type of materials.

The departure of companies from the market is an opportunity for growth

For the project of the designer Diana Balashova, the company 'Maria' crafted a unique 'rainbow' kitchen based on the model Mix

For Russian furniture manufacturers, there is a chance to gain a new market share. Our company is seizing this opportunity and will reaffirm its status as a leader. Due to the fact that furniture from foreign brands has become too expensive, complex, and risky to order, we see a revival of interest in us as a manufacturer capable of working with premium-class design projects. On the other hand, in the absence of foreign brands specializing in the economy class, there is a growing demand for affordable solutions. Therefore, we are updating the MIA line of kitchens, which are 20-30% cheaper than 'Maria' kitchens.

We aim to enhance the core lineup of 'Maria' models, expand the range of materials, introduce new colors and decorations, including exclusive ones.

Price: enormous interest in the budget line and challenges to be addressed

New product — Kitchen Energy. Despite its very affordable price, it is made of high-quality reliable materials, and the facades, made of particleboard with melamine coating, are available in 12 shades.

Currently, we are witnessing significant growth in the economy segment – sales of kitchens from our budget MIA line are increasing. In total, our factory produces about 4000 furniture sets monthly. In April, we observed a decline in demand. This was primarily linked to the decreasing income levels of consumers; many Russians decided to postpone their purchases to a more favorable period. Those who had already started renovations faced greater challenges, as all materials and services had significantly increased in cost. To support our customers, we maintained a favorable installment plan without additional charges for any of our products. Now, with the strengthening of the ruble and some suppliers reducing prices, we have been able to bring the cost of furniture back to almost pre-crisis levels. Therefore, there are no objective reasons for Russians to postpone their plans for home renovation and improvement. Hopefully, demand will recover in the near future.

Most Russian manufacturers cannot ensure similar quality as they attempt to reduce costs by using budget materials, a practice that "Maria" never allows.

Conclusion: there are no unsolvable problems

Over the past 22 years, our company has weathered numerous crises and emerged even stronger from each one. The most challenging issue at the moment is the change in logistics, resulting in an increase in the cost of production and longer delivery times. Another unpleasant situation is the departure of well-known kitchen appliance manufacturers from the Russian market. We are committed to addressing this concern for our customers, which is why we have promptly introduced a range of new manufacturers into our assortment.

Source: Elle Decoration

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