• SarBK: Kitchen Conversations. At the Maria factory, measures for financial support from Sberbank were discussed.

SarBK: Kitchen Conversations. At the Maria factory, measures for financial support from Sberbank were discussed.

Today, on Russian Entrepreneurship Day, forums, conferences, and discussions are focused on the idea that vibrant ideas, inspiration, timely support, and effective partnerships are essential for business development. All these business theories were confirmed by concrete examples during the visit of Ruslan Lvov, the manager of the Saratov branch of Sberbank, to the production site of the Saratov furniture factory "Maria." The tour of the workshops and discussions about the collaboration between the credit organization and the enterprise took place in the presence of journalists.

Protection against turbulence

The guest-receiving CEO of the "Maria" factory, Yefim Katz, did not overly dramatize the current economic situation and stated that there are no easy periods for entrepreneurship. He mentioned that since the time when the factory's workshop occupied a very modest space, according to one of the brand's founders, "fundamentally little has changed." By the way, as of today, the total production area has grown to 92.5 thousand square meters. They produce 200 sets of furniture per day here (for the kitchen, bathroom, and other rooms) and distribute them to 126 cities across the country.

The turbulence of spring 2022 certainly affected major furniture manufacturers. It is remembered here that the most acute issue was the procurement of household appliances, which are usually purchased alongside kitchen furniture. There was an urgent need to replace brands that had left Russia with products from other manufacturers. Consequently, the rest of the procurement logistics suffered significantly. During that challenging period, Sber came to the company's rescue by providing necessary credit under the support program for systemically important enterprises. As a result, 'Maria' successfully completed the difficult year of 2022 (with over 42,000 orders fulfilled and 40 new studios opened), outlined plans for the current year, and has already implemented a significant portion of the planned initiatives.

"For the successful development of a business, it is crucial to have stable and reliable partners. Fortunately, our company has such a partner – Sberbank. We have been collaborating for over 20 years, practically since the founding of the factory. Over this time, we have experienced many different stages together. And we have always been able to come to agreements," reassured the production's CEO.

Ruslan Lvov, the manager of the Saratov branch of Sberbank, noted that in times of turbulence, the bank strives to offer individual programs to businesses. This was the case during the coronavirus pandemic, and it continues today: "We understand that entrepreneurs experience different periods, which is why we try to be flexible, constantly devising various approaches to clients to help them cope with the difficulties they face. Our task is to jointly change the situation with clients so that at any stage of business development, they feel confident and at ease. At the very least, we are putting in maximum efforts to achieve this."

Profitable leasing, affordable kitchens

Efim Katz clarified that last year, the operational financial support from Sberbank helped increase inventory, ensure timely delivery of finished products, and prevent a sharp increase in prices for consumers. This year, with the assistance of SberLeasing, 'Maria' is acquiring new equipment. It is planned to be installed at the second production site of the factory (the area of the former heavy gear cutting machine plant). Here, the production of furniture in a lower price segment will be established. It will become more affordable not by reducing quality but by reducing the number of options, offering simplified solutions (the average price of a set may decrease from 400,000 rubles to 250-300,000).

The reverence for quality in "Maria," demonstrated by Ruslan Lvov and journalists during a tour of the production workshops, was remarkable. The inclination to explore and discover new formats was showcased in the showroom for clients. Furniture is displayed here in an improvised apartment setting. This means that customers can see "Maria's" products in action. If they like everything they see, they can order a similar setup for their own homes. This is how part of the showrooms in Moscow and other regions is arranged. By the end of the year, such studios will appear in other major cities where the factory is present, including Saratov.

Another bright idea concerns the vast selection of materials and colors for future kitchens or cabinets. Typically, furniture factory showrooms offer customers to browse through small samples, but at the "Maria" studio, large fragments of facades are displayed on the wall (there are 1,216 of them). It is much easier to envision your kitchen in a new look this way.

Other decisions, trends, and tendencies in the furniture market were discussed, as familiar people often do, in the kitchen. By the way, the treat was prepared together – during Chef Alexander's ceviche cooking masterclass.

At the large table, the conversation revolved around the growing collaboration between furniture manufacturers and developers

The result of his work is furnished apartments in new buildings. 'Maria' actively develops B2B sales, and she is trusted by the largest developers in Russia. In Moscow alone, more than 5000 furniture sets are installed in residential complexes. The company's B2B projects have also been implemented in cities such as St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Anapa, Tyumen, Surgut, Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk, and the Amur region. By the way, it is the market of finished housing that is interested in kitchens at a lower price.

Ruslan Lvov attentively listened to the details of the story associated with the factory's name. It was the name of an Italian furniture store where Yefim Katz and his partners embarked on their entrepreneurial journey and where the decision to manufacture their own products was born. As it turns out, Maria was the granddaughter of the former owner of the trading space on Rakov Street. On the eve of a major anniversary of the factory, they located the namesake of the nationally renowned brand and decided to gift her a "Maria" kitchen.

The manager of the Sberbank office in Saratov remarked, "We are pleased to be involved in the growth and development of one of the largest furniture factories in the country. Access to financing on favorable terms is always important for businesses. In turn, we are happy to provide key enterprises in our region with opportunities to create new growth points."

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