• Russian Forbes has recognized "Maria" as the most profitable furniture franchise in the country

Russian Forbes has recognized "Maria" as the most profitable furniture franchise in the country

The franchise of a well-known Russian kitchen manufacturer has entered the prestigious ranking for the fourth time. This year, in the traditional Forbes magazine's TOP-30 most profitable franchises in Russia, the company "Maria" became the only representative of the furniture industry.

Experts from a reputable business publication have analyzed the activities of several dozen Russian companies that sell franchises. The long list was compiled based on data from a franchise portal, expert opinions, and the Forbes database. Franchises were evaluated according to five different criteria and grouped according to the investment volume required to open a franchise point. The calculations took into account indicators such as the annual revenue of a franchise point, ROI (return on investment), payback period, profitability, and the quantitative growth of the partner network in the first nine months of 2022.

In the Forbes ranking, "Maria" took the fifth position in the group of franchises with investments up to 5 million rubles, with the following indicators: the annual revenue of one point is 30 million rubles, the annual profit of one point is 7.5 million rubles, and the payback period is 12 months.

«2022 turned out to be very challenging for the entire Russian business. But despite the unprecedented market turbulence, we managed to implement the majority of our plans. We have opened 32 new stores in different cities of Russia so far. Another eight will start operating until the end of the year," comments Liliya Katz, the commercial director of the "Maria" company. "The inclusion of our company in the Forbes ranking is doubly pleasant because not the first time we have become the only representative of the furniture business in it. This is an important indicator of the stability and sustainability of our business model and a confirmation of our status as a leader in the furniture market of Russia».

Recall that before this year, Forbes experts included the company 'Maria' in the rating of the most profitable franchises in Russia three times: in 20152018and 2019 .

Source: Forbes

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